Markerless iPi Mocap Software Animates Mind-bending Sequences in “DreamCorpLLC” TV Series

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The easy-to-use, accurate and affordable iPiSoft markerless motion capture software continues to be leveraged Bemo TV to create the extensive CG character animation on the AdultSwim series “Dream Corp LLC.” Headed by the brilliant #BrandonParvini, the creative team demands a fast-paced production pipeline and extensive motion capture technology to create the mind-bending animated sequences that distinguish between the show’s dreams and reality. #Cinema4D is also used as one of Bemo’s central content creation tools.

Says Parvini, “We are pretty much run-and-gun. While the edit is still being locked down we are moving into 3D animation and solving tech and creative asks that come up. The moments where I need a capture, I pull out the Kinect, place it on a stool and capture action right there at my desk in roughly a 4×4 foot space.”

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