Lightcraft Technology is a leading developer of virtual studio systems, focusing on photorealistic real time visual effects creation. Ambient worked with Lightcraft to launch the Previzion virtual studio system into the production marketplace.

Previzion received mention in several leading industry publications, and was quickly placed into use by Stargate Digital, one of Los Angeles’ premiere visual effects studios, on high profile projects such as ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘General Hospital’. Previzion’s photorealistic, on-set rendering and compositing have since garnered acclaim by leading visual effects experts, and have propelled it into a unique role in the industry.

“Ambient provided a critical part in bringing Previzion to the attention of leading digital production professionals and publications, and Vicky Gray-Clark was a great creative partner in this process. Her attention to detail, perseverance, and industry knowledge have been a great asset to the forward progress of Lightcraft and Previzion.”

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