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MAXON featured in Forbes story about the intersection of art and technology

The Austin WallAlex Knapp, a tech reporter with Forbes, features multimedia artist Clifford Ross’ use of CINEMA 4D on the amazing The Austin Wall project in his article on the intersection between art and technology.  MAXON has been working with the Clifford Ross Studio for a number of years helping them integrate the 3D technology into their creative workflow.


Here’s the MAXON press release with more detail about the 3D technology that was part of this amazing project:

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Roma Maltsev’s “Silent Hill: Repentenance” wins iPi Soft Monthly Filmmaking Competition

Great work continues to be submitted to the iPi Soft monthly filmmaking competition. Roman Maltsev, the winner of the April contest, drew inspiration for his video piece from the well-known “Silent Hill” survival horror video game series.

Maltsev explains there were many scenes with complex animation requirements, including monsters’ movements, that were also integral to the atmosphere of the film that would be almost impossible for him to create manually. “Seeing how iPi Motion Capture speeds up the animation process,  I realized I could make a long film where I could easily and quickly create all the character animation on my own.”

You can read more about his work and check out his “Silent Hill: Repentance” video at iPi Soft and on Gaming Business Review site:

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Oblivion 3D Design Team Innovates With MAXON CINEMA 4D

Oblivion - DNA Bio Trail (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Oblivion – DNA Bio Trail (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz, David “DLEW” Lewandowski and Navarro Parker – the uber talented 3D motion graphics designers and animators on the new Tom Cruise film, Oblivion, leveraged CINEMA 4D to visualize and design the complex in-camera and on-screen motion-graphics sequences in Universal Pictures’ Oblivion.

The team created all the 3D user interface imagery throughout the film that is seen on screens including Vika’s light table, a type of computer information center that the actors interact with in real time as well as many other heads up displays that are used in vehicles and weaponry. (See press release here with additional details

Also be sure to  check out GMUNK’s graphics process video

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Vegas, Baby!

Ambient is heading to the 2013 NAB Show taking place April 8 – 11, in Las Vegas This marks our 15th year supporting clients in the digital media industry at the show!

MAXON returns as a show exhibitor. Its show booth is always brimming with activity and the guest presenter line up as per usual is STELLAR! MAXON will also be sponsoring and hosting a number exciting industry events that are fun and educational. Here’s a link to the online press kit with additional details thus far.

Tiger Technology is also a return exhibitor to NAB. They will be showing their high performance storage area networking (SAN), software management tools and integrated appliances and debuting a couple of very exciting new products geared to post/production/entertainment technology professionals. You can check out their show activities here.

I look forward to seeing our many industry colleagues and friends at the show!


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iPi Motion Capture Now Available in Valve Steam Store

Congrats to my client iPi Soft. Today its markerless motion capture solution became available in the Valve Steam Store. The move provides the 50 million members of the Valve gaming community with an optimized and integrated version of the mocap solution for Source Filmmaker, Valve’s own state-of-the-art movie making tool. Read more here

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GDC 2013

I enjoyed checking out GDC and Game Connection in San Francisco today and meeting up with friends and collagues. MAXON had a booth this year at the GDC Expo, and Michael Nikonov from iPi Soft was in town taking meetings. As always there is way too much to see. At Game Connection I was pleasantly surprised to see a consortium of Italian Gaming companies among the countries represented.

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MAXON Applauds Oscar® and Visual Effects Society Awards Winners and Nominees

MAXON customers are some of the most inspired 3D artists in the world! Read how the company’s CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D technology played key roles in creating many of the most proclaimed characters, backgrounds and environments in several of the feature films and video games that won or were nominated this year for visual effects by the Academy and the Visual Effects Society.
Press Release

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Game on for iPi Soft and “Halo 4″

iPi Motion Capture, the markerless motion capture system from iPi Soft, played a key role for Vancouver design/animation studio The Sequence Group on “Halo 4”– one of the most successful videogame releases of 2012.

The studio produced over twenty minutes of original content, including eight “Terminal” animations — hidden content within the game that players can access providing detailed backstory about the characters and the new Halo world.

Read details here.

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VFX too expensive…really?

Good perspective here. If content for any of the big VFX intensive films were done mainly as live action, it would either be impossible, ridiculously expensive, or both. So, for director’s — or anyone for that matter — to say that VFX are too expensive is not a fair comment IMO. Read article here.


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VES Open Letter re: Upcoming “VFX Congress” and a Call to Action

Eric Roth, Executive Director of the Visual Effects Society, an organization of which I am honored to be a member, issued this Open Letter further outlining the dire situation facing the visual effects industry, especially in California. The VES is organizing a”‘VFX Congress’ to take place within the next few weeks to allow all artists from around the world to share their concerns to find common ground on the issues that face us today.” In today’s letter they’re asking for anyone connected to the industry, or concerned, to write to our local politicians; sample letter included.


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