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MAXON to Showcase FUI, GUI and HUD Motion Graphics Design Trends at 2017 NAB Show

FUI, GUI and HUD. (No, it’s not the name of an accounting firm!) but rather stands for Futuristic User Interface, Graphical User Interface and Heads-Up Display. This style of motion graphics is used by digital artists as a vital story telling tool and are prevalent in feature films, games and TV shows where technology is critical to the story such as in the graphics displayed on a computer or inside a helmet (think Iron Man), holograms, or futuristic diagnostic types of devices that haven’t always been invented. (Think Steven Speilberg’s “Minority Report” where the onscreen gadgetry in many ways predicted the future of technology. )

Earlier this month, MAXON introduced the “Perception Guide to Fictional User Interface (FUI),” a comprehensive tutorial series designed to help Cinema 4D artists learn the technical aspects of creating futuristic motion graphics imagery for fictional and nonfictional use to bolster 3D animation and VFX digital experiences.







The series was created by Perception, the New York City-based motion graphics studio best known for providing high-end visual effects with an emphasis on futuristic UI and HUD designs for blockbuster feature films and for digital concept and product design for some of the biggest names in technology.

Watch this roundtable discussion hosted by John LePore, Chief Creative at Perception, speaking to his fellow design team members about the tutorial series and futuristic user interfaces in film.







At the upcoming 2017 NAB Show, LePore and Russ Gaultier, art director at Perception, will host presentations at the MAXON booth (SL #6324) showcasing their front-line experience using the robust animation tools in Cinema 4D to design iconic user experiences for blockbuster feature films (The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), and digital concept and product design for some of the biggest names in technology (Microsoft Hololens, Samsung, SpaceX).

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Riverview Systems Group CEO Evan Williams On 30 Years Of Live Event Production

EWilliams_Headshot30 Years of producing ground-breaking live events for some of the world’s most renowned brands has taught Riverview Systems Group CEO Evan Williams a few valuable lessons.  Read interview in Live Design Magazine.

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iPi Automation Add-On Allieviates Repetitive Motion Tracking Tasks

ipimocapJay Ankeney writing for Broadcast Bridge recently spoke with Pavel Sorokin at iPi Soft about the company’s new Automation Add-On capabilities.

“Modern animation production has very complex pipelines,” Sorokin said, “and our iPi Automation Add-on allows them to create scripts that can alleviate repetitive motion tracking tasks. They use our software to create command sequences, and then apply those motions to automate various different characters.”

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Virtual Reality Reporter features Q&A with creator of new VR soundscape piece — “ANTUM”

Joshua Michie, principal at Toronto-based Apiary Studio and long time Cinema 4D user, created “ANTUM” its debut virtual reality (VR) conceptual soundscape video which will soon be available on the Oculus Samsung Gear VR store

Virtual Reality Reporter published a Q&A with Joshua focused on the studio’s 3D content creation workflow and his thoughts on the future of VR for motion graphics artists.

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iPi Mocap Helps AWE Company Create Historic Themed Virtual Reality Content

iPiSoft_FortYork-Capture-1-300x198 iPiSoft_FortYork_Mocap_2Srinivas Krishna of AWE Company has created exceptional virtual reality content to recreate the historic Fort York site in Toronto. Using the markerless iPi Mocap software from iPi Soft and other off the shelf tools, visitors to the site can experience history using Google Cardboard in a new, immersive way. Listen to the Pixel Hub podcast to learn more.

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The Dawn of Virtual Reality

cprz-_1uyaebz8o-2-e1443116282918With the constant flow of virtual reality news telling us that VR content and gear is coming, I think its safe to say that with the recent announcements of Disney’s $65 million investment in Jaunt and Samsung’s plans to ship affordable consumer VR headsets (just in time for Black Friday!) along with a Netflix app, the dawn of the VR “revolution” has definitely arrived.…/samsung-to-start-selling-99-consumer-…/

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Iconic 3D artists to appear at MAXON exhibitor booth at SIGGRAPH 2015

CINEMA_4D_R17_Packshot_Range_Long_Line_CloseUp_Masked_RGB_18 (1)Next week at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, MAXON has once again invited some of today’s most prolific 3D artists —  feature and indie filmmakers, visual effects artists and motion graphic designers — to its exhibitor booth (#715) to share fresh perspective and the latest techniques and a behind-the-scenes look at the Cinema 4D workflow on award-winning feature films, television shows and commercials, video games, and more. MAXON will live stream presentations daily.

MAXON will also preview Cinema 4D R17, a milestone release of the company’s cornerstone 3D animation, graphics, VFX, visualization, and rendering software.                                                                                                                                             OPK with details

I look forward to seeing friends and colleagues at the show!

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Jayse Hansen Talks FUI Workflow on Iron Man and Avengers Films

Cantina_Avengers_IronManHUD1Fascinating interview with the talented Jayse Hansen and the folks at Digital Tutors discussing his behind the scenes workflow and artistic process creating the Fictional User Interfaces and VFX using Cinema 4D on the Iron Man HUDs for Robert Downey Jr , The Avengers and other films. Interview link

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Digital Tutors Podcast Interview with Jon Chappell Examines Creative Video Collaboration

Great interview with the Digital Tutors ‘Pixel Hub’ podcast team and Jon Chappell of Digital Rebellion examining the company’s collaborative video software solutions and how film teams can work more efficiently on projects in a single location and around the world. Listen here

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Augmented Reality Expo (AWE) in San Jose = AWEsome

new_heros4cI’m super excited to attend the Augmented World Expo (AWE) (June 8 -10) next week in Silicon Valley. The conference will explore the charge in augmented and virtual reality, wearable tech and the internet of things. There will be some great sessions and an expo. Our friend and colleague Jayse Hansen — a Cinema 4D ‘power user’ known for his amazing UI design work — will be among the speakers. Also, very cool, the AWE notified me that because I retweeted one of their messages, I won a pair of Epson Moverio smart glasses!! Conference details:

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