Ambient worked with independent filmmaker Noah Kadner to garner attention for his first feature length film, Formosa, primarily at nationwide film festivals. Because the film included a heavy reliance on the latest technical tools, a large component of the program leveraged Noah’s post and post production expertise with leading industry trade publications.

“When I finished directing my first feature film, I really had no idea who to turn to or how to promote it. Vicky Gray-Clark helped me get a foothold into the movie business. She listened to my goals and presented a clear and thoughtful publicity plan with lots of genuine encouragement. Along the way she also helped me open new opportunities into areas I didn’t even expect. I’m now firmly established in the business and happy to be here. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ambient Public Relations and Vicky’s hard work and would do anything to repay what I consider the favor of her diligence and personal attention.”

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