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    Deliver your message to the right audience by connecting with industry movers and shakers, thought leaders and influencers in print, broadcast and online trade and consumer media outlets.

    Ambient has long-standing relationships with press and bloggers, ensuring that your initiatives get maximum traction and coverage.

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    Let Ambient orchestrate your speaking engagements, press conferences, whisper suites, cocktail parties, one-on-one press briefings and other special events at industry tradeshows and conferences.

    We specialize in preparing marketing collateral, electronic press kits and press releases to support all your tradeshow activities.

  • Social Media

    Social networks, blogs and other user-generated content sites have opened the door to new ways of communicating with customers.

    Ambient helps its clients navigate this new landscape, build momentum and create active relationships by engaging your target audience directly through social media, seeding websites with compelling branded content, creating e-mail newsletters, developing blogging strategies and more.


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Maxon Showcases Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Solutions at NAB 2019







Maxon returns to NAB to showcase its flagship professional 3D software solution Cinema 4D, and the power and versatility the technology delivers to next-generation content creators. The 2019 NAB Show is held April 6-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.Maxon promises to deliver an incredible show experience to those attending NAB and those unable to attend in person.

Super star artists including Beeple, Andrew Kramer, Barton Damer, Nick Campbell, and many others, from the motion graphics and visual effects community, will present daily on the Maxon exhibit booth main stage. They will be sharing techniques, behind the scenes content and valuable insights from real-world projects to illustrate the capabilities in Cinema 4D that have inspired the creation of some of today’s most celebrated film, broadcast, multimedia and visualization projects.

Check out C4DLive.com for guest artist presenters, live streaming schedules, and more. Maxon’s NAB 2019 online press kit with full details on its exhibitor presence is available here.


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Markerless iPi Mocap Software Animates Mind-bending Sequences in “DreamCorpLLC” TV Series

The easy-to-use, accurate and affordable iPiSoft markerless motion capture software continues to be leveraged Bemo TV to create the extensive CG character animation on the AdultSwim series “Dream Corp LLC.” Headed by the brilliant #BrandonParvini, the creative team demands a fast-paced production pipeline and extensive motion capture technology to create the mind-bending animated sequences that distinguish between the show’s dreams and reality. #Cinema4D is also used as one of Bemo’s central content creation tools.

Says Parvini, “We are pretty much run-and-gun. While the edit is still being locked down we are moving into 3D animation and solving tech and creative asks that come up. The moments where I need a capture, I pull out the Kinect, place it on a stool and capture action right there at my desk in roughly a 4×4 foot space.”

View press release here.




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