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    Deliver your message to the right audience by connecting with industry movers and shakers, thought leaders and influencers in print, broadcast and online trade and consumer media outlets.

    Ambient has long-standing relationships with press and bloggers, ensuring that your initiatives get maximum traction and coverage.

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    Let Ambient orchestrate your speaking engagements, press conferences, whisper suites, cocktail parties, one-on-one press briefings and other special events at industry tradeshows and conferences.

    We specialize in preparing marketing collateral, electronic press kits and press releases to support all your tradeshow activities.

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    Social networks, blogs and other user-generated content sites have opened the door to new ways of communicating with customers.

    Ambient helps its clients navigate this new landscape, build momentum and create active relationships by engaging your target audience directly through social media, seeding websites with compelling branded content, creating e-mail newsletters, developing blogging strategies and more.


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Turn Your Xbox Kinect into a Mocap Device using iPi Mocap

iPi Mocap is included in roundup piece in Engadget about how to turn your Xbox Kinect sensor into a motion capture device. iPi Soft founder and chief technology architect has said, “We will be using the same devices for playing video games as well as creating content for them. I would compare older mocap solutions to antiquated mainframe computers.”

This is a worthwhile read. http://www.engadget.com/…/using-the-kinect-for-motion-cap…/…

Recently iPi Soft also announced performance enhancements to iPi Mocap V.3.0 to  include new distributed recording functionality that sets a standard for capturing synchronized video by providing up to 16 Sony PS3 Eye camera support or up to 4 Kinect sensors recorded onto multiple PCs during the same motion capture session. Additionally, the ability to track three actors simultaneously gives professional users working in film, TV, videogame development and beyond, a powerful and efficient motion capture tool. See video here.


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Q&A with Digital Rebellion’s Jon Chappell & Broadcast Beat


Visit Broadcast Beat to read a Q&A featuring Jon Chappell of Digital Rebellion and his thoughts on workflow efficiency – video team col, asset management, and more —  http://www.broadcastbeat.com/broadcast-beat-exclusive-jon-chappell-digital-rebellion-qa/




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Ambient Heading to World Animation & VFX Summit

summit-logo-2014-409x300-3-3-14Ambient will be heading to LA to attend the World Animation & VFX Summit (Summit), Nov. 2 – 5, in Los Angeles. Now in its third year, the Summit brings together studio executives, producers, agents, distributors and talent to discuss industry trends, the latest software and hardware technologies and production techniques that are shaping the future of the worldwide animation and VFX industry. This year’s Summit theme centers on “A Year of Reinvention and Renovation.”

Paul Babb, president /CEO of MAXON US will be this year’s keynote speaker. Babb is noted for his unlimited creative energy, progressive stance on product development and customer service, and support for education. At the Summit, he will share his thoughts on technology advances that are helping artists create cutting-edge 3D motion graphics, architectural and product visualizations, video game graphics and tips for how companies can stay competitive by engaging communities.

Brandon Parvini, the creative director at Ghost Town Media, will be featured panelist on the “21st Century Tools of the Trade” session with other creative luminaries to explore some of the latest innovations and technologies and strategies that Ghost Town is using that foster creative excellence on film, international branding, broadcast commercials and live-visuals for the world’s top performers including Muse, Linkin Park and global brands such as Mercedes and Absolut. Ghost Town is a MAXON Cinema 4D “house” and last year also started using the iPi Motion Capture software solution from iPi Soft.

Details on the Summit are available here


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The Possibilities of Motion Capture Technology

iPiMocapJeremiah Karpowicz of Pro Video Coalition interviews Anthony Hoit from the Graphic Film Company on the studio’s use of iPi Soft’s markerless motion capture technology in the upcoming feature film, “Night of the Living Dead: 3D Origins 3D” – great read! http://provideocoalition.com/pvcexclusive/story/connecting-people-with-the-possibilities-of-motion-capture-technology



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2014 NAB Show attendance numbers were up — MAXON had a great show this year!

C4DR15Boxshot2a68ede820The NAB released the official attendee numbers for the 2014 NAB Show. Attendance was approx. 98,000 — up 4% this year. MAXON had a very busy show. Paul Babb, pres/CEO of MAXON US, spoke on camera at NAB to a number of media outlets. A link to his interview with Randi Altman at Post Perspective talking about all the latest partnership news with Vizrt and Thinkbox Software  is here – all good news for CINEMA 4D artists!


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